6 Easy Kitchen Hacks


Little tips and tricks make working in the kitchen so much more enjoyable.  See these 6 kitchen hacks below!

  1. Pomegranates –  Cut the pomegranate in half and gently loosen it with your hands. Over a bowl with cut side down smack the skin with a spoon and the seeds will pop out!
  2. Eggs – lost some shell in the bowl?  Use one of the egg halves to fish it out easily with very little mess.
  3. Limes – Microwave the lime for 5-10 seconds, roll it out on the counter then cut in half and juice – you will get triple the juice.
  4. Mushrooms – start by cutting off a small slice off one side, this will create an even surface to then cut the entire mushroom with out it rolling around.
  5. Ginger – cutting ginger is hard – try using a microplane or grater for best results!
  6. Lemons – got seeds? Juice the lemon over your cupped hand to loosen catch the seeds like a colander.

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