Ever Heard of Digestion?


Here’s how it works:

Let’s create two very distinct situations when eating: one being digestion and nutrient enhancement, and the other being the decomposition of the food, which is a form of self-poisoning. If carbohydrates are not digested, they ferment and produce poisons such as carbon dioxide, acetic acid, lactic
acid and alcohol. (Note: the alcohol produced has the same potential for destruction of the liver and other organs as commercial alcohol). When proteins are not digested, they putrefy, producing poisons known as ptomains and leucomaines.

Anytime, two or more foods are eaten at the same meal, each one requiring
opposite conditions for their digestion (such as dried fruit and vegetables
or protein and starch), the digestive process is less efficient. Sometimes
digestion is totally suspended. The responsibility for harmonious digestions
rests with each of us. Failure to observe the limitations of human digestion
results in mild to severe indigestion and is very likely to be a contributing
factor in causing disease.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information provided in this publication is for
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