Meal Planning


It’s that time again! September! When kids go back to school, we say good bye to vacations, and we say hello to routine and hectic lifestyles.

Just because routines, and work cause us to be busy and stressed – this shouldn’t mean our healthy activities and clean eating should be compromised with fast options and quick fixes.

Take a few hours on a Sunday and get organized.  Meal plan for the week so you know what to expect and create a food schedule so your diet and health isn’t affected.

Here are some simple and effective tips for keeping on track for this busy season:

  1. Reserve a few hours on a Sunday and write out your meals and shopping list
  2. Make things that keep well and make excellent leftovers
  3. Pack everything ahead of time in containers
  4. Label the containers for each day that they belong for
  5. Make a plan in your phone or on a piece of paper each day with times to follow the meal plan
  6. Record any wavering from the plan so you can do better next week

Planning ahead saves time, anxiety, and keeps everything on track.  Being prepared is the best way to be successful in work, your life and with your diet!

Happy Meal Planning!

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