Health Starts in the Morning


Being healthy means being consistent.  You can eat one good meal a day to be healthier, but if you stop after one day – you won’t remain healthy.   Health starts from the second you plant your feet on the ground and rise for the day – and ends when you lift your feet off the ground and lay down for the night.

These are some easy and simple steps to a healthier you:

  1. Upon rising, start by drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon.  This is one of the best tips for starting your day, flushing out your system, and starting fresh and clean.
  2. Then with the proper supplements (Women or Men’s Pak and any other additional supplements) take them when advised, ie. 30 minutes before a meal etc and time them correctly.
  3. For breakfast make a cleansing fruit shake with water or fruit juices from the same fruit category also mixed with Dr.Bo’s Garden of Plenty for a full nourishing, balancing and cleansing morning.
  4. An hour later have a light protein breakfast with eggs or a protein shake.

These simple morning rituals will make the world of a difference for your health and contribute to ultimate totally body wellness – The Wagner Way!


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