Accentuate the positive

Another key to achieving and maintaining VIBRANT health? Accentuate the positive:

Assortment of vitamin pills

  1. Take full spectrum multi-enzymes before meals; chew your food well; eat in a relaxed state
  2. Eat foods according to your blood type
  3. Eat foods whole and unprocessed, using proper food combining
  4. Eat Multi-Superfoods, Super Greens and Super Fruits.
  5. Daily, take ionic trace minerals with electrolytes
  6. Daily, take a food based, multi-vitamin, chelated mineral, herbs and amino acid combinations
  7. Take large doses of Vitamin C in a mineral ascorbate form.
  8. Take Essential Fatty Acids daily (molecularly distilled fish oils, flax seed oil, borage oil.
  9. Take a heart healthy product with L’ Arginine, L’ Citruline, and Taurine daily to maintain superior circulation and cardiovascular health.
  10. Take a product with D’Ribose to restore healthy energy levels in the cells, heart and muscle tissues.
  11. Daily aerobic exercise; walking and swimming are the best
  12. Accentuate positive thoughts; cultivate positive friends
  13. Go to bed by 10PM, if tired

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