Cut Down on undesirables

Want vibrant health?  Another step for achieving this is to Cut Down on undesirables:

Dr bo

  1. Bad Food Habits
  2. Decrease the proportion of acid foods in the diet, such as protein, starches and dairy; diet should be 60% alkaline (fruits and vegetables)
  3. Eliminate all gluten products including wheat, plus dairy/casein and sugar; these products are our #1 cause of allergies due to over consumption
  4. Reduce overeating; especially at dinner, leave the table slightly hungry
  5. Reduce processed foods; dried foods or any chemically altered food with hydrogenated fats. Preferably eliminate all together.
  6. Avoid bad food combining; such as proteins and starches, mixing fruit with other food groups, etc. Have either a fruit meal or a non-starchy vegetable meal (salad and/or cooked veggies)with either a protein, starch or bean/legume but not together.



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