Dry Brushing Tips from Stevie Dance

Use a natural brush. No synthetics here. Actually, I prefer a copper wool massage brush, as copper is associated with good skin circulation.

Do it twice a day. This is a morning and night exercise to open up your pores before you jump in the shower, done with a dry brush and dry skin.

Brush towards the heart. Use long strokes over the entire body from the feet up, and hit all the spots. Legs front and back, the stomach, butt, and arms.

Keep the pressure firm. Invigorate your skin, but don’t shred it.

Pay attention to the sweet spots. Be sure to get the the inner thigh and under the arms for lymph drainage.

Try rubbing on some coconut oil prior to the brushing. It’s a slightly different version of the dry brushing technique that takes advantage of the healing properties of this good fat.

Cold showers. An added bonus for circulation and digestion that is a basis of Kundalini yoga teachings.

Give it a shot for at least a month. This should be long enough to see if the technique is effective for you.


As originally seen on ‘Into The Gloss’


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