Dry Skin Brushing – How To Do

Natural Bristle Brush

The brush used should be a long-handled, bath-type brush. It is essential that it contain natural bristles. Synthetic bristles should be strictly avoided. The brush should be kept dry and not used for bathing.



When one performs skin brushing, the body should be dry and brushed several times over every part of the body surface except the feet and face. Do several extra brushes on the inside of the thighs, behind the legs and under the arm pits. Lymphatic node points are in those areas. No back and forth motion, no circular motion, no scrubbing. Brush the whole body with an upward motion except the neck and chest, which should be brushed with a downward motion.

Direction a Key

The direction of skin brushing is critical as the lymph system is made up of one-way valves. The main subclavin vein (main lymph drain) is located at the top of the shoulders, under the clavicle. Brush up the legs into the groin. Brush the buttocks and abdomen up to the waist even with the navel. Brush the arms, sides of the body and arm pits up toward the shoulders. Brush the back up towards the shoulders. Brush down the neck toward the shoulders. Brush the chest down to the navel and finish by circling around the breast by brushing down between the breast, under the breast towards the sides and up under the arms and up into the top of the shoulders. Do this several times. This is the direction that the lymph flows in the body. Dry skin brushing should be performed once or twice a day, preferably just prior to bathing and can also be done just before you go to bed. A complete skin brushing takes no more than a few minutes and is highly stimulating and invigorating. It would take 30 minutes of loofa or Turkish towel massage to get a similar effect. When practiced daily, skin brushing is effective in improving body tone. A few minutes a day is easily worth 30 minutes of vigorous physical exercise!



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