Smart Food Combining


The term “food combining” refers to those combinations of foods which are compatible with each other in digestive chemistry. In other words, the goal of food combining is to aid the digestive processes. By combining your personal blood type foods correctly and applying the following principles, your nutrition will be enhanced, since only food which is digested is capable of nourishing us. Additionally, we will avoid the poisonous byproducts of indigestion, along with its unpleasant symptoms.

Efficient digestion also has a beneficial influence on the body’s energy level. The amount of energy expended to digest three conventional meal has been estimated to be the equivalent of 8 hours “working” energy. By selecting compatible food combinations the digestive task is lessened, which allows more energy for other activities.

Digestive Factors

Although food combining will aid the digestive processes considerably, it will not guarantee good digestion. There are other factors which may reduce our digestive capacity, such as overeating, eating under stressful
conditions, eating when fatigued, eating just before or soon after strenuous exercise, and eating during strong emotional experiences. Also, whenever fever or inflammation are present, the digestive powers are diminished
to conserve energy. Substances such as condiments (including table salt), vinegar, alcohol, coffee and tea all irritate the digestive tract and considerably retard digestion. All these factors must be considered if one desires good digestion, and consequently, a well-nourished body.

On the next post, we’ll discuss digestion and how it works.

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