Digestion & Incompatible Combining

Here are the combinations that are least compatible with the human digestive system.  Although these combinations are commonly eaten, they are also quite often followed by the symptoms of indigestion.  As you familiarize yourself with them, selecting compatible food combinations will be more easily attained.



  • All acids destroy starch splitting enzyme, salivary amylase.  This includes the acids contained in fruits and the acetic acid contained in vinegar.  Additionally, the fruits will be detained in the stomach, resulting in fermentation.


  • As stated earlier, salivary amylase is destroyed in the stomach in the presence of a highly acidic medium.  Since protein digestion requires such a medium, this combination is unacceptable.


  • Each protein requires different timing and different modifications of the digestion secretions.  When one protein is combined with another protein, digestion becomes difficult.
  • A protein is the most difficult food nutrient for the body to digest anyway, we all would benefit by consuming only one type of protein at a meal.
  • This would not exclude eating of two or more types of nuts at a meal, as their composition is relatively similar


  • The enzyme, pepsin, necessary for protein digestion, will only be active in the presence of one particular acid, hydrochloric acid.
  • Other acids may actually destroy this enzyme, including fruit acids.
  • Also, when fruit are eaten with proteins, the fruits will once again be detained in the stomach until the completion of protein digestion, resulting in their fermentation


  • Fats inhibit the flow of gastric juice, interfering with protein digestion.  The presence of oil in the stomach delays the secretion of juice poured out on a subsequent meal of otherwise readily digestible food.
  • Since our need for fat is very little, and most protein foods already contain a sufficient quantity of fat, any additional fat intake becomes difficult to digest.
  • Avoid combining butter, oils, avocado, etc with protein foods.


  • Sugars inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, interfering with the protein digestion.  This is true of both fruit sugars and commercial sugars.
  • The sugar will be detained in the stomach, once again, resulting in fermentation
  • If you need to sweeten a meal use the herbal extract Stevia, which is sweet but contains no sugar, carbs, or calories and is also very medicinal for the body


  • If starch is combined with sugar,the starch is disguised, preventing the adaptation of the saliva to starch digestion.  That is, the saliva will not contain the enzyme salivary amylase necessary for starch digestion, and the sugars will ferment in the stomach
  • The common practice of pastry eating and the typical breakfast of mixing fruits with cereals or bread is a cause of many varied unpleasant symptoms.

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