Knowing & Testing Your pH Balance

This acid/alkaline balance concept is simply known as pH balance. The relationship between acid and alkaline is quantified on a scale of 1 to 14 known as “pH.” On that scale, the area below 7 is acid, above 7 is alkaline and a 7 is neutral. Acid and alkaline are exact opposites and when they meet in the middle, they cancel each other out, creating a healthy neutral pH.

A pH test will determine whether your bodily fluids are too acid or alkaline. Nitrazine/litmus paper or pH strips can be purchased at any drug store. You then either apply saliva or urine to the paper. The best time for performing the test is in the morning, before you brush your teeth or 2 hours before eating. As you perform the test, the paper will change color to indicate if your system is overly acidic or alkaline.

Compare the resulted color to the color chart on the paper roll or the pH strips to determine if your body is acidic or alkaline. The results of saliva testing indicates the activity of digestive enzymes in your body and the activity of the stomach and the liver, revealing the flow of enzymes running through your body showing the effects on the body’s tissues and systems. The salivary pH test results should register between a slightly acidic 6.4 and a neutral 7. A urinary pH test levels indicate how well your body is assimilating minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium and should fluctuate between 6.0 – 6.4 in the morning and 6.4 – 7.0 in the evening.


Know your PH level to make better health choices!

Our health depends upon the proper acid-alkaline balance of the blood. Human blood is normally more alkaline than it is acidic. Any form of illness indicates a disturbed state of blood chemistry, an excessive formation of acids in the system. Many authorities now believe that most disease develops because of a lowering of the function and resistance of the body due to chronic acidosis, which is a reduction of the alkalinity in the blood. Dr. George Crile, head of the Crile Clinic in Cleveland, and one of the world’s greatest surgeons states, “There is no natural death. All deaths from so called natural causes are merely the end point of a progressive acid saturation.”

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