Use This Not That: Nut Milks

We love animals: cows & goats alike.  But their milk is not quite right for humans – would you as a human adult suck on your mothers (beep) – no neither would these animals so why are we?

Cows milk is meant to get a baby calf from 75lbs to 600lbs in a less then healthy way so what do you think it is doing for humans?

milk post

In addition to that horrifying fact, the amount of steroids, hormones and antibiotics that are pumped into these animals every year is horrifying.

Below try these alternatives to cow and other animal milk.  When combined properly, you will feel better and look better:

  • hemp milk
  • rice milk
  • almond milk
  • kamut milk
  • Seed Milks
  • Other nut milks
  • Soy milk
  • Grain milks



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