Quinoa: The History

People don’t realize it, but Quinoa is native to this hemisphere. The ancient American Indians considered it a super-food and it was highly cherished and one of the main stables for the Aztec, Mayan and Inca Indians. The Spaniards came over to America and belittled Quinoa and told them how bad it was, and forced them to grow their wheat, which is not from this hemisphere..

Quinoa originated in South America in the Andean mountains and Inca Indians. Eventually it spread to Central and Northern America and the Mayans and Aztecs. It was most important with Incas.

Also, what the UN did was declare 2013 The International Year of Quinoa. By doing that, they hoped people will see they value of quinoa and start using it to help feed the world and help eliminate starvation
The Indians still continued to eat the quinoa, but hide it from the Spaniards. Until recently, the native Indians of North, Central and South America have been very low keyed about it.  Now, as we have said, it resurfaced about ten years ago and it has majorly caught on. The United Nations recently declared it the number one healthiest grain in the world and would like to see it established worldwide as such.
It is great for all blood types. Even though it has quality protein in its make up. it still predominantly a Carbohydrate and digest the same as rice, potatoes and pasta.  So it combines well with all vegetables, grains and beans, non-starchy and starchy, but does not combine well with protein, fruits and melons.
A little something to chew on.

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