Food Combining & Food Choices

Dr. Bo Wagner’s philosophy of healthy living, “The Wagner Way to Wellness®,” encourages us through professional consultation and personal resolve to better care for our bodies and minds by adopting the following life-changing 7 STEP PROGRAM.



4. Smart Food Choices:  Body type and blood type identify the unique way in which each of us thrives and grows by identifying those foods, condiments and beverages which are good for us, and which can be easily digested, as well as those that cannot.  Following Dr. Wagner’s “Guide for Smart Food ChoicesTM will make correct eating easy for you.

5. Smart Food Combining:  Our bodies were not meant to absorb all the different food groups together at the same time.  The truth is, each type of food uses different areas, enzymes, and digestive juices for proper and effective digestion, and each has its own time table for transiting through the system.  By learning to eat foods in harmonious groupings, using “Dr. Bo’s Smart Food Combining ChartsTM”, we are able to digest correctly, thereby eliminating most digestive and intestinal ailments.tumblr_inline_n4hvzxDVfK1rynl5e

(Save this image in your phone as a cheat sheet to always stay on track!)


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