Wagner Wellness: Attitude, Exercise, Hydrate

Dr. Bo Wagner’s philosophy of healthy living, “The Wagner Way to Wellness®,” encourages us through professional consultation and personal resolve to better care for our bodies and minds by adopting the following life-changing 7 STEP PROGRAM.

These next 3 steps all go hand in hand: adopt the right attitude, incorporate exercise and use that positive energy to motivate you whilst drinking water and staying hydrated…EASY!


Here we break down Steps 1,2 and 3:

1. Attitude:  You must have the desire to be healthy, the willingness to change, and the discipline to pause, think, and make healthy choices versus unhealthy choices.  Once you are following the The Wagner Way to Wellness, be consistent and you will be successful.

2. Daily Exercise:  Do at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily.  A thirty minute brisk walk each day will do the trick, but the more workouts you can do, the better.  Use the body or lose it—if you don’t keep your body moving and flowing, it will freeze up on you. TRY SOMETHING NEW: Spin class, yoga, a run, brisk walk, boxing, pilates…the options are endless!

Click here to check out an advanced at-home workout from the lifestyle blog Amore & Vita


3. Hydration:  Our bodies need at least a gallon of non-carbonated, purified water daily. Remember, our bodies are eighty percent water.  If we do not properly hydrate, it becomes impossible for our bodies to flush the poisons, toxins, excess sugar, fatty tissue, uric acid, and lymphatic waste out, not to mention bowel movements.  The point is, over the long term, lack of proper hydration can result in dry and wrinkled skin, unhealthy hair and nails, and unnecessary rapid aging.  Prescription:  Begin slowly.  Gradually increase your intake of water, drinking more each day than you did the last—building to one gallon a day.



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