Digestive Transit Time

While cleansing it is important to follow food combining and understand the basic principles of digestive transit times.

An important digestive factor concerns the emptying time of the stomach into the intestine.

  • Fruits remain in the stomach an hour or less, when eaten alone.
  • Non-starchy vegetables and pulses need three hours to digest, starches require three to four hours to complete gastric digestion.
  • Proteins require approximately four to five hours.
  • Some more complex foods, such as starchy pulses (dried beans and legumes), are a rather difficult food to digest. Due to their high concentrations of both starch and protein, these foods may require five to six hours to complete gastric digestion.

The important point here is this: if a food remains in the stomach longer than is normally required, due to an incompatible combination, the food will likely decompose and nutrition and intestinal health becomes impaired.


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