Sugar Detox – Step #1

sugar step #1

The average American consumes an astounding amount of sugar in the course of a day. Many products have enormous quantities of sugar disguised in unfamiliar terms or innocent sounding names.

When embarking on the sugar detox, learning to read ingredient labels will be of prime importance. Sugar hides in most processed food, and statistics show that the average American will consume more than 150 lbs. of sugar in its various forms over the course of one year.

The 5 Steps

  • Know the purpose of doing a sugar cleansing detox and decide to do it.
  • Remove all sugar and simple carbohydrates from diet for 28 days in a row.
  • Proper eating: Stabilize blood sugar, remove unapproved foods and eat the good approved foods
  • Follow Dr. Bo’s sugar cleansing detox meal plan for 28 days
  • Take nutritional support to reduce sugar cravings and balance blood sugar

1st Step: Purpose of a Sugar Cleansing Detox

Excessive sugar consumption can lead to a variety of disorders and diseases. Dr. Bo’s Sugar Cleansing Detox can help counter the negative effects of this substance on the body and restore the body to health.

Furthermore, sugar can be addicting, and many people have come to rely on it for a quick energy or mood boost. Unfortunately, such energy cannot be sustained by the body and a “crash” soon follows, during which the body experiences a worsened fatigue.

Tomorrow: Stay Tuned for Step #2 – Remove All Sugar and Simple Carbohydrates


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