Parasite Control

This following is from a Dr.Bo success story.  After countless doctors, remedies and everything in-between to rid this client of their worms/parasites – they visited Dr.Bo and found a resolution.

Using the Dr.Bo Ultimate Complete Parasite Program was how this client went about controlling and getting rid of parasites as seen on  – Check out the story and product below or contact Dr.Bo for more information:

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Parasite Infestation

Now infestation may seem like an extreme word to use but it was exactly what I had. About 3 years ago I heard about the fact that people who ate sushi a lot or had travelled in third world countries should perhaps do a parasite cleanse every now and then so I bought a run of the mill, Whole Foods parasite cleanse and began the program. WARNING – GRAPHIC INFO AHEAD!

About two days in to the cleanse I went to the bathroom and noticed something hanging out of me. To my horror it was a worm. About a 10 inch long worm. It wasn’t alive or moving but still, it was a worm. My thought at the time was “well I guess I really did need to do that cleanse!” Little did I know that it would be the start of a 3 year battle to rid my body of parasites. Over the next year and a half I had worms come out of me EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I began documenting the process as people wouldn’t believe it. I have an archive of over 200 photos taken day after day as worms as long as 5 foot long came out solo or in bundles that looked like bowls of spaghetti. I wasn’t a big girl and to this day I have no idea where the hundreds of feet of worms that came out of me existed within me!

I tried everything I could to get rid of them ranging from the Centre for Tropical Disease and Parasites to Chinese medicine. I changed my diet forgoing yeasts and sugars that apparently provide ideal breeding grounds for these types of critters. I would send samples of the worms to anyone who wanted and took the strongest prescription worm medicine available. All tests came back saying that I had no parasites yet no one could explain to me what actually was going on. I began to wonder if the insides of my intestines were just coming out. I had ultrasounds and colonoscopies to see what was going on inside me and still no one could find anything.

The thing about parasites in nature is that they mimic their hosts very well. If they are discovered, they lose their source of life and so it is in their best interest to remain disguised. They coat themselves with the same coating you find in the intestines and (in my case) hang on to little crevices of waste in the intestines. Sometimes the worms that came out had little anchor points and you could see their intestinal system (like a shrimp). They are actually very difficult for doctors to detect and parasitology is a new, just developing science. I just know that they were sucking the life and energy out of me.

Finally a friend recommended Dr Bo. I didn’t realize that he catered to getting rid of parasites at the time but I just knew he could thoroughly clean out my colon and I figured if the parasites didn’t have anywhere to hang on to, maybe they would all come out. He listened to my story and immediately took charge of the situation. He didn’t demand proof or think I was exaggerating and this in itself was refreshing. I went through the Body Magic program and then did the 6 week intensive with specific potions and pills added to address my specific problem. I have just finished my final round of the parasite medication and I have not seen a single parasite for about a month now (I have been doing Dr Bo’s program for about 2 and a half months). This is after 3 years of trying everything and just resigning myself to the notion that perhaps I’d have to live with them. This brings about a huge relief to me and I will always be so grateful to Dr Bo and his methods for finally ridding me of an extreme and troubling problem. I have included a few photos from the many I took so you are able to see for yourself what Dr Bo cured me of.




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