Use This, Not That – Part I

There are so many meals and dishes out there that make our taste buds happy but digestive system not so happy.  It is important to properly food combine without feeling like you can’t have it all!  Things like pasta and sandwiches essentially use the starch (pasta and bread) as a vehicle for the amazing flavors to go along with it.  Try substituting with these ideas below:

Dr Bo This Not That 1

Use a mandolin or a peeler to create zucchini noodles for a healthy pasta alternative – pour the warm sauce over the noodles, mix and enjoy – trust me you won’t be disappointed – Next week we will show you a healthy turkey bolognese recipe!

Dr Bo Use This Not That 2


Sugar is the devil in the food world – try substituting sugar with Dr.Bo’s new Stevia flavors in Orange, Lemon, Vanilla and Pure!



Making a burger or a sandwich?  Take out the bread and use any type of lettuce: romaine, butter, boston, or bibb to wrap all of those flavors in.  It may not be the same at first but you will begin to realize you aren’t missing much!

Stay tuned for more Use This, Not That posts to help rev up your healthy eating regime!




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