Perfect Complexion

Perfect Complexion

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     Your complexion is a reflection of your total body wellness. To help create that Perfect Complexion, implement the following supplementation, cleansing and essential lifestyle steps.

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Multi Vitamin Mineral Herbal Complex:    Take daily a good multi with essential vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants to refresh, replenish, revitalize, and perfect your complexion. One that has an anti-aging formula designed to neutralize free radicals, helping to prevent damage and visible signs of aging, boost the shine, and reduce lines and wrinkles for a radiantly healthy and younger looking complexion. A complete complex will help to maintain, nourish, strengthen, restore and fortify the skin, leaving it perfectly supple, illuminated and full of youthful vitality and resilience and aid in the relief of acne and dermatitis.

Vitamin D3:    Vitamin D is necessary for supporting strong bones, teeth, proper absorption of certain minerals, and the support of a well-functioning immune system. Our best source of vitamin D has always been sunshine; yet, with today’s indoor living and the extensive use of sunscreens, the amount of vitamin D actually absorbed from the sun is very limited and most people are deficient in this nutrient.  Vitamin D3 is the best substitute for this lack of access to UV exposure. Without adequate amounts of vitamin D, infection cannot be controlled in your body, especially in your skin. So to help control the health of your skin and complexion, it has been shown that adding Vitamin D3 can be very beneficial,  accompanied by regular blood test to monitor your vitamin D levels. Ideally take 1,000 to 5,000 mg of Vitamin D3 daily.

Colloidal Gel:   It has been shown that using a broad-spectrum, disinfecting antibiotic alternative Colloidal  Gel can significantly reduce the severity and length of almost any type of bacterial infections and is beneficial for reducing wrinkles, acne, eczema, psoriasis and helping sensitive skin.

Probiotics:  It is necessary for good health, good complexion and a strong immune system to have a proper balance of good bacteria. It is especially important to replenish these good bacteria if your prior treatment has included antibiotics. These products not only kill the bad bacteria but also kill the beneficial good bacteria too. This weakens your immune system promoting ill health, rashes, breakouts and blemishes. You can help reestablish your bacterial balance, good health and radiant skin by taking a high quality non-dairy multi- strain Probiotic with Prebiotics to help the Probiotics grow and become predominate in your body.


Emu Oil and Emu Lotion:   Laboratory tests have shown that the phospholipid content of an all natural Emu oil and lotion matches that of human skin. Our skin recognizes the harmony and literally opens up and allows the Emu oil to penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis, carrying with it natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Research has shown that Emu oil is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and is non-comedogenic. In other words, it does not clog or plug skin pores, plus it is hypoallergenic. Emu oil is a superb moisturizer and is unsurpassed for its ability to alleviate dry skin. It actually reverses the aging process. As we age our skin begins to thin. Emu oil thickens the skin and stimulates skin-cell rejuvenation. Many have found fantastic results using Emu Oil and Emu Lotion on their sunburns, welding burns, radiation burns, damaged skin, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

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Emu Oil Soap:  With nothing added or taken away, all natural Emu Oil soaps are real soaps, not laboratory imitations, containing many harsh synthetic chemicals, dyes and perfumes. This great all natural soap does not clog or plug skin pores as some animal fat products do. What makes Emu Oil soap unique is that it contain so many beneficial things for the skin. For great skin hygiene and health, daily wash your body, hands and face with this all natural beauty bar.

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Hydration:  Our bodies need at least a gallon of non-carbonated, purified water daily. Our bodies are 80% water. If we do not properly hydrate, it becomes impossible for our bodies to flush the poisons, toxins, excess sugar, fatty tissue, uric acid, and lymphatic waste out, plus have proper bowel movements and elimination of dead skin cells.  Over the long term, lack of proper hydration can result in dry and wrinkled skin, unhealthy hair & nails, and unnecessary rapid aging. Proper hydration helps regeneration, facilitate cell growth and improve skin tone. Prescription: Gradually increase your intake of water, drinking more each day than you did the last – building to one gallon a day.

Exercise:  Exercise is vitally important to all aspects of your heath. Everyone should do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily. A 30-minute brisk walk works well, but the more the better, especially exercises of high-intensity for 60-90 minutes. The rule is – use the body or lose it!  Exercising helps flush the poisons and toxins from your body including the pores for better healthy looking skin.  An infrared sauna can also be very helpful, for sweating flushes unwanted debris and contaminants out of your pores.

Sleep:  While you sleep you detoxify, rejuvenate, decrease stress, heal the body and clean your pores, which help to create clear healthy skin. So it is very important to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is also necessary for good energy, mental faculties and a pleasant mood. Ideally try do get 8 hours of sleep. At least 6 hours. Less than 6 hours you do not complete your healing cycle.

Foods To Avoid:  The most important step to help improve your overall skin health is to eliminate all grains, heavy starches, sugars and colas from your diet for several weeks to a month or until your condition improves.  This alone will most likely create the quickest and most noticeable improvement in your complexion. When you do return to grains, remember to eat them sparingly and only non-gluten grains, such as quinoa, amaranth, millet and whole grain rice.

Summary: If you follow these lifestyle steps, change your diet, take your supplements and use the facial products I have suggested, you should experience remarkable changes in your skin’s appearance and achieve a feeling of overall better health. One step closer to Total Body Wellness and Perfect Complexion without the high cost of expensive acne drugs.

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This program is not a “quick fix,” but if you are patient, persistent and consistent you will have success. So say Good-bye to the old you and Hello to the new beautiful you. 

Look for these products in your local health food store or check out the products we use in my clinic at

The statements and products on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. These statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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