3 Top Food Groups to Build Immunity

Strengthening your immune system will go a long way in helping build overall good health and longevity. It is important to know the nutritious foods that can empower you, build your immunity and promote optimum wellness, as well as the foods that should be avoided such as process foods, sugars, dairy product and gluten grains.

There are a number of foods groups, herbs, teas and spices that are beneficial for you but in this article I am going to concentrate on three of the best food groups; super greens, traditional fermented foods and high ORAC value berries.

1.  Super Greens nourishes the body, strengthens the immune system, and cleanses and detoxifies the blood.



  • It is the world’s richest source of non-animal protein. This dark green micro alg ae contains approximately 60-65% protein which is 85-95% digestible.
  • A rich source of Beta Carotene, Spirulina contains approximately 10 times as much of this pro-vitamin as carrots.
  • Spirulina is nature’s richest natural iron food, providing the highest quality of readily absorbable iron. Good quality iron is essential for building healthy red blood cells and hemoglobin, plus iron helps prevent anemia.
  • A source of quick energy that does not tax the pancreas, but stabilizes the blood sugar, thereby controlling symptoms of hypoglycemia and diabetes.
  • A rich source of many enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients.


  •  Contains many vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes and a substance known as CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor).
  • A dark green micro algae that boasts many of the same qualities as Spirulina.
  • Often referred to as “The Emerald Food,” chlorella is noted for (and gets its name from) its high content of chlorophyll. Chlorella contains more chlorophyll than any other plant.
  • Chlorophyll helps you process more oxygen, cleanses your blood and promotes the growth and repair of your tissues.
  • An efficient detoxification agent by binding to toxins, such as mercury, and carries them out of your system.
  • Chlorella is considered by many, nearly a perfect food

Alfalfa Leaf

  • It is high in chlorophyll and natural potassium
  • A rich source of minerals to help neutralize destructive body acids
  • Acts as a blood purifier and cleanser
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  • When taken daily will promote both wellness and longevity!

2. Traditional Fermented Foods are essential if you are serious about boosting your immunity. 

Good fermented foods include natto, kimchee, dilly beans, chutney, vegetables (carrot, onions, radishes, beets, asparagus, turnips) miso, tempeh, pickles, sauerkraut, olives and coconut kefir (Kefir is an ancient cultured, enzyme-rich food full of friendly microorganisms that balance your “inner ecosystem” and strengthens immunity).

Fermented Foods (Traditionally)

  • Improves digestion
  • Raw, are rich in enzymes
  • Restores the proper balance of bacteria in the gut
  • Increases vitamin content
  • Helps us to absorb the nutrients we’re consuming
  • Helps preserve foods for longer periods of time
  • Increases the flavor

Fermenting Food is Inexpensive.

There’s nothing fancy required for this hobby. And many of the foods required to make these recipes are very cheap. You can use inexpensive cabbage to make sauerkraut. You can buy naturally fermented condiments at health food stores — or make your own.

Fermenting Crock & Jar:

Click here for fermenting equipment. Beautifully crafted stoneware crock from Germany by Nick Schmitt and Sohn.  Suitable for almost all types of vegetables, this crock provides a traditional method for naturally preserving food through culturing in a salt/water brine solution.  Made of stoneware, this beautiful sauerkraut crock or pickling crock will stand the test of time.

Crock comes complete with the pot, lid and internal weighing stones to keep the vegetables submerged under the brine.

Click here for fermenting equipment. Make fermenting vegetables easier! This half-gallon-size glass jar includes an airlock setup which facilitates gas escaping your fermented vegetables while keeping air out. This allows you to make pickles, sauerkraut, and other fermented vegetables, fruits, condiments, and more while greatly reducing and often eliminating the threat of mold.

3. Berries

Most berries, especially blueberries and raspberries, provide your body with the proper amount of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units the body needs to have a significant impact on plasma and tissue antioxidant capacity. 

The best berries with the highest ORAC value that boost immunity are, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, gogi berries, acai berries, bile berries, wolfberries & chokeberries. 


ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is an exciting and revolutionary new test tube analysis that can be utilized to test the Antioxidant Power of foods and other chemical substances. It calculates the ability of a product or chemical to protect against potentially damaging free radicals. This analytical procedure measures the ability of a food, vitamin, nutritional supplement or other chemical to protect against the attack by free radicals, or to act as an Antioxidant. The higher the ORAC value the great the “Antioxidant Power.” The less free radicals you have, the stronger the immune system and the healthier you will be.

 Berries have been shown to:

  • Be powerful antioxidants
  • Have High ORAC value
  • Help neutralize harmful free radicals
  • Enhance Dopamine levels
  • Help enable smooth, controlled movements
  • Promote efficient memory and attention
  • Promote problem solving functions
  • Help natural growth & development
  • Help repair tissues
  • To be high in ellagic acid
  • Provide fiber
  • Help repair and maintain cartilage, bones and teeth
  • Promote eye health
  • Help prevent skin disorders
  • Enhance immunity
  • Protect against toxins and infections

Other foods that support and strengthen the immune system are whey protein (casein free), raw, organic eggs from free-range chickens, grass-fed beef or organ meats, coconuts and coconut oil, organic vegetables, propolis, herbal teas and herbs and spices.

By incorporating these immune building foods into your diet, you’ll not only help your body to evade circulating viruses but improve your overall health, longevity and help achieve total body wellness at the same time. You can receive the nutrients from these immune building foods from eating organic foods or if you would like to get the same nourishment from supplements you can buy super green and super fruit supplements at your local health food store or try what we use at my clinic http://www.drbo.com/green-splendorhttp://www.drbo.com/kids-super-greenshttp://www.drbo.com/kids-super-fruits,http://www.drbo.com/blueberry-omegashttp://www.drbo.com/cranberry-omegas.

To Your Good Health,

Dr. Bo Wagner 


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