7 Steps To “The Wagner Way to Wellness”

Dr. Bo Wagner’s philosophy of healthy living, “The Wagner Way to Wellness®,” encourages us through professional consultation and personal resolve to better care for our bodies and minds by adopting the following life-changing 7 STEP PROGRAM.


(Save this image in your phone as a cheat sheet to always stay on track!)

1. Attitude:  You must have the desire to be healthy, the willingness to change, and the discipline to pause, think, and make healthy choices versus unhealthy choices.  Once you are following the The Wagner Way to Wellness, be consistent and you will be successful.

2. Daily Exercise:  Do at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily.  A thirty minute brisk walk each day will do the trick, but the more workouts you can do, the better.  Use the body or lose it—if you don’t keep your body moving and flowing, it will freeze up on you.

3. Hydration:  Our bodies need at least a gallon of non-carbonated, purified water daily. Remember, our bodies are eighty percent water.  If we do not properly hydrate, it becomes impossible for our bodies to flush the poisons, toxins, excess sugar, fatty tissue, uric acid, and lymphatic waste out, not to mention bowel movements.  The point is, over the long term, lack of proper hydration can result in dry and wrinkled skin, unhealthy hair and nails, and unnecessary rapid aging.  Prescription:  Begin slowly.  Gradually increase your intake of water, drinking more each day than you did the last—building to one gallon a day.

4. Smart Food Choices:  Body type and blood type identify the unique way in which each of us thrives and grows by identifying those foods, condiments and beverages which are good for us, and which can be easily digested, as well as those that cannot.  Following Dr. Wagner’s “Guide for Smart Food ChoicesTM will make correct eating easy for you.

5. Smart Food Combining:  Our bodies were not meant to absorb all the different food groups together at the same time.  The truth is, each type of food uses different areas, enzymes, and digestive juices for proper and effective digestion, and each has its own time table for transiting through the system.  By learning to eat foods in harmonious groupings, using “Dr. Bo’s Smart Food Combining ChartsTM”, we are able to digest correctly, thereby eliminating most digestive and intestinal ailments.

6. Essential Supplementation:  This is, by far, the most confusing subject for most people who attempt to create their own list of useful and necessary supplements.  Often well meaning people use the shotgun approach to wellness, and buy countless bottles of supplements and additives, when actually only a few of the right ones are necessary.

There is no doubt that our soil is so depleted of nutrients, that today’s foods can’t fill us with the rich nutrients—the premium grade fuel—that our bodies need for our 21st century lives.  Is it any wonder that we feel like we’re running on empty most of the time?  What we do need are ionic trace minerals, full spectrum enzymes, soluble and insoluble fiber, multi-strain probiotics and essential fatty acids, along with a complete multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal complex in order to process food correctly, and to receive the necessary fuel to make our bodies fire “on all cylinders.”  Dr. Bo recommends these necessary essentials on an every day basis. To help you achieve this, Dr Bo has formulated a daily essential Nutri PakTM for men, Nutri Pak™ for women and Nutri Pak™ for children, and an All-In -One multi superfood complex, Garden of Plenty®, for Life on the Go, to provide our bodies with these proper essentials, and to furnish superb nourishment through their many superfoods and supplement ingredients.

7. Cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenation:  We know that, in order to be clean and healthy, we must cleanse the outside of our bodies every day, but we rarely cleanse the inside of our bodies.  Everyone should develop a cleansing maintenance program to detoxify the colon, cleanse the entire alimentary canal, flush the organs, rid the body of lymphatic waste and cleanse and rejuvenate the cardiovascular system. Do your own cleansing program or try Dr. Bo’s Magic PakTM, with Body MagicTM, a 10 day total body detoxification and rejuvenation pak, Fiber MagicTM, a nutritional fiber cleansing formula and Colon Magic®, a complete colon cleanse and also Garden of Plentys Miracle FiberTMaids in this cleansing, and helps establish and maintain normal intestinal regularity, while providing the proper nourishment to enable the body to rejuvenate itself. Also consider trying Dr. Bo’s Heart PakTM, a cardiovascular cleansing and rejuvenating program,which includes Heart SupremeTMcomplex, a unique proprietary formula that contains over 97 of the world’s leading heart-health, supportive ingredients, BootUpTMfor Recovery with D-Ribose and L-Carnitine Fumerate, the missing links to help heart and body replenish energy, support muscle recovery and achieve optimal heart-health, and Heart Tonic tincture, a supportive, nutritive, and flavonoid rich tonic for the heart, blood vessels and cardiovascular system. No matter what your age is, total body health is of the utmost importance.

There are amazing products and formulas that the Dr.Bo team can specialize for your needs.  Call the office or visit them today for a one-on-one consultation to create a program that fits your health & wellness needs!



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