Celebrity Cleanses


Recently I have had many requests to know the details of the cleansing programs my celebrity clientele do. Most recently the cleanse Jenny McCarthy is doing. I will try and answer those questions now. It will be a little lengthy, but I don’t know any other way to do this.

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Wagner Way to Wellness

First of all it not just a cleansing but an ongoing life style that gives them their successes. It is even more important what they do every day after the cleanse that gives them their long term wins. They follow my 7 step lifestyle program called The Wagner Way to Wellness. It entails proper attitude and desire to be healthy, exercise, proper hydration, eating healthy foods according to my list of  smart food choices, combining these foods correctly, taking the correct supplements needed to assimilate and utilize your smart food choices and having an ongoing maintenance and cleansing  program for the entire body.

You can learn more about this program on my website www.drbo.com under services and nutritional counseling and also from my books Eat Smart Eat Simple, and the recipes they use from my Cook Smart Cook Simple cookbook, my Guide to Smart Food Choices and my Smart Food Combining Charts.

Magic Pak

Regarding cleansing, it is in important to do programs that cleanse the total body. You must not only cleanse the bowels, but also the alimentary canal, the lymphatic system, cardiovascular system and flush all the organs. My clients always start with the Magic Pak. It is a 10 day total body detox and 30 day colon cleanse. It is comprised of three products, Body Magic, Fiber Magic and Colon Magic, which are met to be done together. They are all fine products that can be done individually but for cleansing purposes should be done together.

This is a basic cleanse that can be done as often as you desire. Most of my clients do the Fiber and Colon Magic ongoing and insert the Body Magic 10 day detox when needed. I recommend quarterly like an oil change for your car.

Total Body Wellness

Once or twice a year they follow the Magic Pak with my Total Body Wellness (TBW) program, which is a complete detoxification and rejuvenation program. This is a 28 day deep cleansing program, so with the Magic Pak it is a 38 day program. This is what Jenny  and many others are currently doing. And they repeat this every year. This is what keeps their health at a very high level of wellness. They have been doing this for many years.

The TBW is four one week phases. The first week of the TBW they do not consume any solid food but do a liquid diet of 5 shakes and 6 sets of herbs every hour and a half that is much more nourishing then solid food. They do not get hungry and are able to continue their work. My clients are filming, playing their professional sports or any and all other occupations. You will be detoxifying and may have some aches and pains but they are able to manage. This is a good thing. This is the body repairing itself. Each time you do the program it gets easier providing you are following the lifestyle plan between cleanses. If you go back to your old habits it will be harder but that is up to each individual how they want to live their life. Regardless, it is important to annually cleanse. To help rid the body of accumulated toxins and poisons and to achieve ultimate good health.

The second week they reduce the shakes to two daily, one AM and one PM and add back in food slowly. First they add breakfast and dinner and by the middle of the week breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The third week they continue that schedule but add in liquid herbal tinctures and a health drink to flush the kidney, bladder, liver and gall bladder of stones, toxins and poisons and eliminate lymphatic waste, fatty deposits, uric acid and parasites.

The fourth week they continue their daily schedule and add in other supplements and herbal tinctures to rejuvenate their bodies. They are brand new when they finish this program. Usually they feel fantastic, have great energy, and feel very youthful. Also their blood pressure and cholesterol levels are perfect and all other vital signs too. They now return to their normal healthy lifestyle.

This program really does work. Jenny and my other clients wouldn’t do this every year and sometimes twice a year if it did not work. But this is a serious cleanse. You have to be serious about doing this program. The Magic Pak is simple and does not interfere with your life in any way. The TBW is more involved, but very doable, but definitely takes more dedication. Plus it is more expensive.

Total Body Flush

If you did not want to do the TBW you could always do my Total Body Flush program. It is still four weeks long but much easier to do. It comprises of just the products to flush all your organs and lymphatic system. Everyone should do at least this program every year, so your organs can work effectively to filter your body. Some clients just do the Magic Pak and Total Body Flush. But if you want the deep cleansing Jenny and others are doing, then you must do the TBW program.


If you do the TBW you must be willing to do colon hydro-therapy (colonics). It is necessary to help cleanse the body of the large amount of waste that is eliminated. I have clients worldwide doing this program with a local therapist. So it can be done anywhere. The Magic Pak and Total Body Flush can be done with or without colonics. It is always better to do the programs with them but these programs also works very well without them.


I offer the Magic Pak on my site and this is always what we start with. If you want the other programs email me for more info at info@drbo.com or to order call my office at 1-877-910-drbo. Jenny has asked me to make the TBW program available on line and in the very near future I will do so.


I will follow this blog tomorrow with a breakdown first of the Magic Pak and a second blog breaking down the TBW. I hope this gives you a little more insight to what Jenny and my other clients are doing. If you want to learn the whole life style I recommend you doing a phone or in person consultation with me. This is what I usually do with all my clients. This way I learn all about you and I can explain in depth my philosophies and programs. It is a two hour consult and you will learn a tremendous amount of valuable information on achieving Total Body Wellness. Those two hours alone can change your life. I am not trying to hustle more business for I am very busy but Jenny and other clients have asked me to make myself available for those who are interested. I would love to speak with you. If you want a consult, please be patient for I have a very busy schedule but will make room to speak or see you. Thanks so much for your interest and hope you enjoy the products and programs.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Bo

The statements in this blog are not evaluated by the FDA. These statements or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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